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     Forgiveness is a choice.   When was the last time someone wronged you? And, the time before the that?  If we start counting, you and I have countless number of  the offenses we could share with each other.  But we don’t want to become “injustice collectors”.  Unforgiveness will destroy us no matter how little someone wronged us.   Yes, we live in the world which has full of evil and corruption.  War, murder, physical abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, hatred..the list goes on and on.  Some of you went through so much pain and sorrow, we cannot even comprehend.  

     I grown up in a very abusive environment under a lot of fear. It was a long process but when I truly forgave my parents then I became free and my healing began.  I have met many people who have been suffering from bitterness turning into mental issues.  It was very interesting to see that there is one common factor among those people.  Unforgiveness. (I am not a physiatrist so I don’t know the dynamic of the issue of each person.) Unforgivness is like having heavy chains around your neck.  In this state of mind bitterness is cultivated by repeating the bad memories over and over again with a focus on blaming every failure in life on that person for what they did to you.  This broken record cycle will destroy you.  I called those people “injustice collectors.”  

     If I am not careful, I will become one of the collectors, for sure.  But I choose to forgive and let go of  those offensive events. (And, I also offend people around me and have to ask for forgiveness.) Forgiveness is a choice.  The quicker you are to forgive and forget the freer you are to pursue better thing in life.  Life presents a constant challenge in forgiveness.  You can be set free and healed as you learn to walk the path of forgiveness!


Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

Hope from Kiwi

The power of forgiveness

I am a wife, mother and health advocate.  I will be blogging every other week and sharing tips on how to live a healthy life and reverse aging.  Health tips and natural remedies given to us in God’s beautiful creation are there to be discovered or rediscovered again.  Our family eats healthy organic foods along with taking high quality supplements.   If you would like to take very effective, high quality, potent, health and body-care supplements, please feel free to contact me.  So, whether you’re looking for anti-aging face cream, healthy cosmetics, DNA protection and repair, memory enhancing and restoration, weight loss and body building, antioxidant cell repair or just an awesome natural energy drink; we got them all.  

Let’s strengthen our immune system together which is the secret to good health. If you have not started taking care of yourself, it is not too late.  Today may be the day you want to make a change and start living the abundant life!

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