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Hello from Eikou Glory’s Health Corner.  

I am very excited to write blogs and start sharing tips on how we can live a healthy life. Healthy life style will lead to a healthy body.  Wouldn't it be nice if we can truly live the abundant life? Someone said “the greatest wealth is health” and I cannot agree enough.  Let’s make this coming 2019 very special for all of us. Let’s live the abundant life with a healthy life style and become a healthy person inside and out!

Living the Abundant Life

Hello from my corner!  

Last year, I read a book called Living Without Disease: A Miracle Enzyme Determines Life by Dr. Hiromi Shinya.  Dr.Shinya is well known for pioneering modern colonoscopic techniques, and he invented colonoscopes allowing for the removal of colon polyps without invasive surgery in the late 1960’s.  In that book he explains how important to have a healthy gut so our whole body can be healthy.  In other words our good health begins in our gut!!! So I  have been eating fermented food since then. Fermented foods are full of probiotics which are the good bacteria . Did you know an estimated 80 percent of your immune system is actually located in your gut?  No wonder I feel energized when my gut is healthy! When I feel energized physically and I am healthy mentally emotionally.  Here is a short list of fermented foods.

Health Starts In The Gut

 A healthy gut is the key to a healthy body

Have you heard about Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits?  My morning starts with drinking 2 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, I know some of you also have been practicing this good habit. Throughout the history, vinegar has been used in people’s daily lives for multiple reasons. Around B.C. 400, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine treated his patients with natural vinegar for its healing, cleansing qualities.

So should you and I drink Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) for your health?  How is ACV made?  ACV is made from apple cider that has undergone fermentation.  Fermentation promotes probiotics and enzymes. After being fermented, pressed apple juice, which is then converted into vinegar! I mentioned why fermented foods promote your good health below this column.  

When you buy Apple Cider Vinegar, make sure to buy raw-unfiltered organic one.  I personally buy BRAGG one. When you buy ACV, you see cloudy bubbles at the bottom of a bottle. Don’t worry… Nothing is wrong with the cloudy bubbles. Theses are beneficial enzymes, pectin and mineral seeing as the cloudy bubbles at the bottom.  

Here is a short list of Apple Cider Vinegar’s health benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar

Health benefits of ACV


Sore Throat Remedy

This is how I don’t get a sore throat “ever” !

When I was a child, I used to go to see a ear, nose and throat doctor when I had a horrible sore throat.   My doctor used to paint iodine in my throat directly with using a long swab.  Although, I felt a burning sensation I really liked what he did only because I got better faster.  It is painful to get a sore throat and no one wants to get one. Right?  

A few days ago, I had a beginning of sore throat.  You know that scratchy feeling…  I immediately I used iodine and gargled with the solution.  (Some of my family member usually mix iodine and water before they use it.) Within 24 hours, I got rid of a scratchy throat feeling and did not have the problem any more!  

So how often did I gargle with iodine? I did it every few hours except I was sleeping.  As you can imagine,

I always have iodine in my cabinet !

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Let your body produce Melatonin

by quality sleep

Amazing facts about Melatonin!

There is nothing like a good nights sleep when it comes to our health.  There are many benefits of quality sleep.  I would like to share about Melatonin which our body produces during our deepest sleep.  

Melatonin is a hormone produced almost entirely by the bacteria in our gut, not just in the pineal gland of the brain. The bacteria in the gut produces 400 times more Melatonin than our pineal gland in the brain while we are sleeping. Melatonin plays many important roles in our health, from helping us to sleep better to strengthening our immune system.  

Numerous studies have established Melatonin is one of the most effective anti-cancer hormone we have against the diseases.  We hear the news about cancer and it is said cancer strikes one in every 3 people nowadays.  

So, what should we do to prevent cancer and all kinds of other diseases?   We can prioritize getting quality sleep in dark place for at least 7-8 hours every day.   Also, if you drink alcohol before bed time, you may fall asleep quicker but it disrupts your sleep cycle therefore you may NOT get a quality sleep.

Secondly, we must take care of our gut!  Fermented foods are full of probiotics which are the good bacteria.  Find your choice of fermented food and start adding to your diet regularly.  Take care of your gut and it will take care of you.

Thirdly, turn off the wifi in the house, remove all electronic devices away from the bed so they do not disrupt your bodies electrical repair signals and interrupt the brain from achieving that deep sleep.

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No one wants to hear words “cancer”. Did you know we all have cancer cells? Most of the time, our bodies are capable to get rid of these cells.  The cell can become a cancer when our bodies do not recognize the cell as a cancer or can't kill it. Do you know the risk of being diagnosed with cancer?  It is 1 in 2!  Wow. It is said that Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years.  If you, a family member, or a friend are suffering or have suffered from cancer, we are very sorry that this has happened. Our hearts hurt deeply for you.  

Cancer cells are abnormal cells and our bodies are designed to fight and destroy those cells.  Our bodies can feed or starve the cancer cells already in us.  Cancer is not something that strikes us suddenly today.  

You and I can fight against or possibly prevent cancer at least by 4 practical ways.  Let me tell you how you can I can implement these methods into our daily lives.  1: Nourish our bodies and cells with organic nutritious foods. 2: Do moderate exercise regularly. 3: Prevent & relieve stress (stress management).   4: Avoid toxins or get rid of them.

Here in the U.S. people consume more processed foods than anywhere in the world.  Chips, sodas, burgers, you name it; these foods DO NOT contain any neutrinos nor anti cancer molecules.  We often talk about prevention.  Why are plants so important?  This is why.  Plants protect themselves against plant eating animals, bacteria, virus, insect..etc.  When plants are defending themselves, they produce thousands and thousands of molecules that are either toxic or killing the bacteria that try to eat the plants. These molecules are called Phytochemicals. According to researchers, we can find anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties in Phytochemicals. Our family is determined to eat more organic non-gmo vegetables and fruits. If you want to eat meat, try grass fed organic meat.  Those animals being fed by corn and soy alone are filled with omega 6 fatty acid, which raise inflammation in our bodies.  

Secondly, exercising is so good at the cellular level.  

I have to admit I was not exercising regularly but I am now committed to get back into it.  When we exercise, our bodies start to repair themselves from within by cleaning out contaminants.  Just like vacuuming or mopping the floor, we can clean out the junk by exercising.  When we exercise, we are reducing our cancer risk and excess hormones that stimulate cancer growth.  Not only do we feel better after exercising, but we boost immune system and make our bodies more resistant to disease.  

Thirdly, stress can affect our health and weakens the immune system.  When we are stressed, our bodies release Adrenaline & Cortisol.  Both give us boosts of energy. However, when we are under stressful circumstances for a long time Cortisol continues to be released into our blood system. One of the side effects of Cortisol is to suppress activity of our immune system.   

Finally, we should avoid toxins as much as we could. There are in food, water, environmental, EVERYWHERE!!! Out of 400 Egyptian mummy’s examined only one had any sign of cancer.  Cancer has come with the industrial revolution and the toxins it produces.  Start reading the labels of products you buy at the store learn which ones to avoid.  You will scream when you find out how many toxins are all around us. The best is to avoid them as much as possible and constantly detox with organically grown plants.

We can build anti-cancer body by implementing at least those 4 principals.  According to a documentary I watched on TV, only 3 % of population spend money on disease prevention while one in two people are getting diagnosed with cancer. Our health is in our hands.  Tomorrow starts today. Let’s take control of our health!

By the way, please check out this miracle oil by clicking the link below which can strengthen our immune system naturally.  


Study: 1 in 2 People Will Get Cancer

Don’t wait until it is too late!

I got a dry socket after my last wisdom tooth was extracted. It was very painful until I started applying my own remedy. I rinsed the affected area with warm salt water very gently several times a day. I mixed CBD oil with some clove oil, turmeric & coconut oil and applied 3-4 drops every few hours where I had pain.  To my amazement it worked great. I did not take a prescribed painkiller. I love natural remedies; more effective and all together healthy.

  My dry socket remedy

Probiotics also known as the friendly bacteria, are live cultures living in the gut to support and protect our immune system. These good bacteria are breaking down food, and synthesizing nutrients in the digestive tract.

So what are Prebiotics? Prebiotics are various foods that allow probiotics to do their work.  

Potential health benefits of prebiotics are

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What's the difference ?

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