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Do you live with chronic depression and anxiety?

It is estimated 19 million Americans and 300 million worldwide live with chronic depression.  Chronic depression is different from normal sadness.  We all go through ups and downs in life but those who are chronically depressed suffer from the condition longer than nine months.  

The cause of chronic depression is different from person to person.  Depression generates emotions such as hopelessness, despair and anger.  Anxiety and depression disorders are not exactly the same but there are similar elements.  A depressed person often experiences a lot of anxiety.  It must be a tremendous challenge to face this giant feeling of depression daily.


long-term social withdrawal

I recently watched a documentary on Hikikomori.  My heart ached when I watched the story on TV.  According to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan, “Hikikomori” people avoid personal or social contact and live in self-imposed isolation for an extended period—six months or longer. There are more than half a million hikikomori in Japan according to the latest government survey published in 2016 and 80 % of them are male. Hikikomori people are basically recluses who live at home with their parents, holed up in their bedrooms.  They don’t work and rarely come out of their room. Their mothers tend to their every need bringing them food and washing their clothes.  They clean the hallways as the shut-ins generally throw their garbage out the door.  Fathers of Hikikomori are being completely wrapped up in their work. They go to work for long hours and leave the home life to their wives.               

Those Hikikomori people become afraid that the world doesn't accept them and withdraw themselves from family and society. They sit in their room doing nothing eating, sleeping and communicating with the outside world via the Internet. Time passes by quickly even when you are only watching movies, chatting online and playing video games. These boys typically rejected the world during high school years and are now 40 years old.  Their parents have grown old, retire and even become sick but still they tend to their shut in boys.  In the worst case scenario the only way out they have conceived is to kill their parents and then themselves.  What a tragic ending.  


Many Japanese people are overworked and under social pressure not to relax.  I can only speak about Japanese cultures but many Japanese people are always worried about what others think about them.  They worry about possible condemnation of others even if it is only in their imagination.

Healthy people have a healthy way of thinking. When we concentrate on what's important then unimportant things or lies will be forgotten. You and I must make a conscious effort to let go of what other people think. We only have one life. How do we want to spend our time? We all have a choice.

You probably heard the saying, “Healthy mind, healthy body.” Our minds and bodies are interconnected. You may be searching for natural remedies for depression and anxiety. There is no quick cure for anxiety, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent anxiety outbreaks. Among many natural remedies, taking CBD oil is one of the best way to ease anxiety. Many people with PTSD are also finding tremendous relief by using CBD oil.  It is proven that this CBD oil works for so many conditions including anxiety, depression and PTSD because we have the Endocannabinoid system. (Go to http://hopefromkiwi.com/page7.html for information on the Endocannabinoid system)   CBD oil can help to restore health and strengthen the immune system and all of that contributes to a healthy mental state.  

Please be encouraged.  You always have hope. If you would like to talk to us, please email at livingworld@fastmail.com in English or in Japanese.



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