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Acne affects many people regardless of  your age, gender or background. It is said that over 60 million Americans have active acne.  So what is acne?  How can we clear acne naturally?  I am going to share this story with you what I have learned from someone I got to know and also from my daughter who cleared her skin in a natural way.

Acne is a complex skin condition with many contributing factors.  Acne is a term for plugged pores, pimples, and cysts.  According to Acne.org website, “Acne is now viewed as a primary inflammatory disease that becomes worse due to the presence of bacteria.”


Those people who cleared acne naturally, they put effort to reduce inflammation by eating organic raw foods and by getting rid of toxins around the house.  Let me explain to you how they did it.

First of all, let’s talk about products we use daily. Do you use organic natural soap when you wash your face?  Do you read the ingredients of the soap you buy? For example, I just checked the ingredients of some blackhead eraser cleanser by well known company. Believe it or not, the one of main ingredients is alcohol. Why alcohol?  Not only alcohol will irritate our skin but it will dry the skin. Also, another ingredients is Polyethylene, which is most common plastic. Honestly I found all kinds of junk in the soap.  So, our family uses all natural organic soap.

We avoid abrasive products too. Our skin is happier when we use natural organic products. That includes makeup as well.  Many makeup products are full of chemicals.  I dropped a little foundation (I used to use this well loved foundation) on my bath mat the other day. Believe it our not, I had to wash the mat 3 times to get rid of the stain. That incident made me think what kind of chemicals in the foundation was getting into my skin day everyday. So I changed my foundation to a natural kind which uses safe ingredients; no phthalates and parabens.   I found a foundation which is an oil-free mist and helps moisturizing and hydrating my skin.  It contains aloe to keep skin smooth!  

Secondly, we also check all the ingredients of laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo and have water filters to get rid of toxins and junk.  Our list goes on and on.  We read the ingredients of products and choose to buy natural organic items. You might think those items are expensive but they are cheaper than your medical bills or missing income if or when you become sick.   


This is how my daughter cleared acne!

We are what we eat.

Thirdly, we eat anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods as much as we can.  The food we eat has profound effects on our health.  We cut GMO food (genetically modified) and meat full of antibiotics and hormones. We choose to eat fresh, organic food.  Those fresh organic food are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Our body needs them and we feel good after eating them. By cutting those foods mentioned above such as daily or unhealthy meat, our daughter’s skin drastically changed and all the acne cleared!!!  She also focused on eating less sugar.  So, what’s the matter with those daily foods and meat people love so much? We consume artificial growth hormones that are used to grow cattle, poultry and other animals faster by eating them. Don’t forget they also give antibiotics to sick animals and we consume what they are fed.  There is no way that can be good.

Lastly,we exercise regularly and sleep 7-8 hours in a dark room.  When we exercise, we sweat.  When we sweat, we get rid of many of the toxins and impurities by way of your open skin pores.  Our body heals and produces vital hormones while we are sleeping.

I wrote the benefits of a good nights sleep on my home page of this website, so please read.  I hope those tips are helpful and you can start cleaning your body from inside and out!

Bentonite Clay detox mask and Hydration Mask

  Why I put Bentonite Clay on my face.

Have you ever heard of Bentonite Clay and it’s benefits? Bentonite clay, also called Montmorillonite clay, comes from the region of France called Montmorillon, where the clay was first discovered.  Today the clay is carefully harvested from natrually occurring volcanic ash in the US, France and Italy.  The clay contains high levels of numerous trace minerals.  And all Bentonite has at least 30% of montmorillonite in the clay.  Why is montmorillonite so important?  The montmorillonite contains negative charged ions that acts as a magnet with an electrical charge that attracts positive charged particles like heavy metals, allergens, and many other toxins.  Now you know why people say that Bentonite clay has powerful detoxing abilities!  Here are some benefits of Bentonite Clay.

You mix the clay & water into a paste.  I  wash my face first to remove excess oils and makeup and apply the clay evenly.  I wait until the clay is nearly dry but its working even when wet.  It takes about 10-15 minutes.  Then I wash my face really well. My goal is use the Bentonite Clay cleansing mask at least once a week.  The clay makes my skin so soft and clean.  I love it!  Bentonite Clay has a tendency to dry out the skin so following up with a moisturizer or hydrator is essential.  The Luminesce HydraShield Mask or the Daily Moisturizing Complex restores moisture and can visibly soothe dehydrated and dull-looking skin.  If you have questions about any products, contact me at livingworld@fastmail.com



What do buildings and makeup have in common? No, it’s not paint and spackling; it’s a good foundation.  Choosing the right foundation is essential to having flawless makeup. But which one? We see so many foundations on the market making the right choice can be tough.

Let me introduce you to NV, which is all-day wear foundation with benefits. As we know many makeup lines promise all-day wear, but which ones really last?  How about your foundation?  You might look great in the morning but do you still look great 10 hours later?

I watched a youtube video by Melsoldera an influencer who decided to put NV by Jeunesse to the test.  Melsoldera concluded, “This is next level. I look like a bronzed goddess! Honestly this is my new favorite foundation.”  The foundation lasted all day as promised and she was very pleased with the results.  In addition to lasting all day, NV foundation is water resistant, so it’s perfect for year-round wear.   Also, this foundation is light and flawless when applying.  You can achieve that professional, airbrushed look in just seconds.  Along with NV foundations, our company has Primer, Shimmer and Bronzer.  Try our NV products and get an amazing results!

Here are the lists of beauty benefits

* APT-200 growth factor derived from adipose stem cell that repair, Rejuvenate skin cells, even scars.


If you are interested in purchasing NV foundation, please visit livinglife.rocks

NV foundation

Beauty with benefits

Professional airbrushed look in seconds





Hydra Shield Mask